Please read the Market Rules & Regulations completely before filling out your application!

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY MARCH 15, 2022. All applicants need to send signed ‘Rules & Regulations’ document, along with $120 check (application fee) with the Application. Applications are open until April 30, then there is a $100 late fee, so please do not wait until the last minute to join the Park City Farmer’s Market. Please print a copy of the Rules & Regulations for your records. Applicants, if approved, will receive a phone call by APRIL 15, 2022, whereupon a full payment for the 2022 season is due of $1200.00. Farmers Weekly $20. Craft Vendors if not paid for the full year is $100 each time +application fee.

All vendors must have liability insurance and mail proof of this insurance with your application in order to participate in the Market. If you do not have liability insurance and need some help with this, call Richard Boulder at 435-654-0353 and please tell him Volker referred you. YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS PROOF WITH YOUR APPLICATION OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE MARKET.

No new cooking vendors are being accepted for the 2022 season.

*Generators are NOT allowed. Only Lithium Power Packs.

All vendors must submit a check for $120 payable to Park City Farmers Market for their portion of the Mass Event License with their application. Applications received after April 30th will be charged an additional $100.00. If you have any questions, please call Volker (market manager) at (435)-671-1455 *make sure you dial the area code this is a Kamas number.  If you can’t get a hold of Volker by cell do not leave a message, instead please try and you will receive a timely response. Thank you for your cooperation!




Due to physical space constraints, no more than two of each particular type of food vendor will be accepted into the market; for example: two Mexican-cuisine vendors, two bakeries, etc. Excess applicants will be put on a waiting list in the order applications are received.

Vendors are accepted into the market based primarily on the following criteria: Vendors who have supported the market in the past and have followed all of the rules and regulations faithfully and the originality and creativity of the product.

All vendors (even those who have participated in the market in previous years) must fill out and submit an application for the current year’s market!

6 thoughts on “Applications

  1. Couldn’t get your email off your phone… but would like to contact you with questions. What is the email address?

  2. Hi!!! My name is Alin, and I own Tamales Tita, and I was wondering if you already fulfill the spot of mexican food ? I have 7 types of tamales including vegan tamales, please let me know if I can still apply. Thank you!!

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