#ParkCity Farmer’s Market Says NO to GMO! NO to @MonsantoCo!

Attention Park City Farmer’s Market patrons, Farmer’s Market vendors, and especially Farmer’s Market FARMER’S and FOOD Vendors.

We can no longer ignore the world we have created for our children. Our ignorance is destroying our planet at an alarming rate. We at the Farmer’s Market have always tried to bring you great product -and we pass all our State inspections with flying colors. However, Volker and the Park City Farmer’s Market Team and Staff is making a renewed dedication to YOU and OUR WORLD to go above and beyond what any government regulation would ever require. We want the PARK CITY Farmer’s Market to be the example of all other Farmer’s Markets in the world.

This is what the Park City Farmer’s Market believes and wants to inspire in others locally to spread amongst their friends:

  • We do not believe in GMO or any product produced with a Monsanto Brand Seed or Monsanto Anything. If you are using GMO products of any kind, please contact Volker as soon as possible.  We will help you convert to organic or no spray non-gmo product and pay the difference in your cost. We will even help you grow pesticide-free product if it is not available in Utah.

  • We do not believe in spraying PESTICIDES on ANY plants or food, especially those that will later be consumed by human beings. Farmer’s that do so are GUILTY of polluting our waters and destruction of our bee and much needed insect population. If bees were to die off, which they are dying rapidly already -scientist say ALL human food in the world would disappear in less than 4 years. We will be interviewing our Farmer’s that claim “No Pesticides Spray” -WE WANT TO PROMOTE YOU MORE!  As a “thank you” for protecting our environment -All Farmer’s who have produce in the 2012 Farmer’s Market that uses no Pesticides will get preferential booth placement at the Farmer’s Market along our new “No Spray” zone.  
  • We are a Utah Farmer’s Market, therefore we want to sell UTAH Produce. We do not believe in shipping our produce in from outside of UTAH. California produce should be sold in California. Mexico tomatoes should be sold in Mexico. It’s not that we are against the product -we are against the oil and fuel burned for those products to get here such long distances.

Farmers and Vendors we need your help!

If you use organic methods for your products and would like to share your story -please contact the market so we can make you a guest blogger on our site!


Please share this information with your friends. Also, we are very much in need of a Vegetarian Option Food Vendor, or anyone that has a ready food business that is veggie or vegan option. Please contact the market asap if you are intersted at VolkersBakery@Gmail.com


Please Help Us Spread the Word. Watch And Share These Important Videos!


#ParkCity #Utah Farmers Market @TheCanyons 7/20

Hey Park City! Thanks for coming out to the Farmer’s Market last Wednesday. Farmer’s Market is going on again TODAY from 12-6pm at The Canyons Resort. For those of you who missed last week, we’ve got some pics!  😀

Totally Wicked Tie Dye has some killer new t-shirts available!

Market patrons enjoying the Beer Garden and sunny weather.

Looking for a custom dog collar? Second Time Around has a nice assortment.

Park City, meet Merry Lycett Harrrison. She is a trained  clinical herbalist, owner of Millcreek Herbs, LLC, and a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. Her book, “Herbs for All, Herbal Knowledge for Home, Kitchen, Garden and Health Care” is now available in it’s second edition.

Merry’s Thrive Tonic has many benefits, check out her website at http://thrivetonic.com/. You can also find Merry on Facebook.

Check out Merry’s garden on YouTube:

Fun face painting going on at the market!

Weeks Berries of Paradise has delicious Utah Raspberries and Blueberries available.

That’s a big firepit RC!

Market strollers enjoying the blue skies of Park City!

If you missed last week, TODAY is your chance. The market starts at noon, see you there! 😀

Ole’ Dave’s Birdhouses – #ParkCity Farmer’s Market @TheCanyons

Hello Park City! We hope you have had a great week of Summer weather and July fireworks.

This week, we are updating the website with information on one of our new vendors. Park City, please meet Mr. Dave Miller, of Ole’ Dave’s Birdhouses.

Ole’ Dave make incredible birdhouses by hand. I took the liberty to upload the text from his booth flyer -here goes:

Dave Miller, born in Colorad Springs has always been creating and fixing things. During World War II he was fixing our Aircraft on Naval Ships. Shortly after the war he started creating and building homes, offices, schools and hotels. Dave does not believe in wasting any resource. He has always found a use for what was left over and sending it to a land fill was not an option. He may be one of our earlier champions for creating a “green” world.

After spending 40 years as a Superintendent for Culp Construction Company in Salt Lake City Dave retired in 1986. While their health prevailed Dave and his wife Cathryn traveled across the country enjoying the vast natural wonders of our beautiful contintent win their motor home. When Cathryn’s health declined and was eventually homebound Dave took on the role for caregiver.  As caregiver for his wife and sweetheart of 64 years he also spent more time back in his work shop. This shop had been the birth place of one of a kind motorized bikes to parquet doors and paneling and beautiful log cabin birdhouses.

In recent years his eyes became the victim of macular degeneration, a disease that eventually blocks the complete central vision of ones eyesight, leaving only very little peripheral vision. Dave and others with this advance stage of macular degeneration are considered legally blind, unable to drive and read but with good habits and organization can function in their home environment on their own. This past year Dave said a temporary good bye to his wife and after laying her to her rest found he had more time to spend in his workshop. Using materials from his shop he started building bird houses, beautifully constructed log cabin style birdhouses. He used his creations as thank you gifts for those who would drop by with a batch of cookies. His children who recognize the value of his work want to give additional purpose to this labor of love and creative energy and that is the beginning of Ole’ Dave’s Birdhouses.

The housing for Dave’s foul friends should provide upscale living for them and add charm and decor for anyone who is lucky enough to purchase one of Ole’ Dave’s bird houses.

Dave has also created a variety of jewelry boxes that are again one of a kind. He takes special care at honoring the owners of some of these treasures with their name cut out of wood and adorning the front of the chest.

Earlier this year around the first week in February we became convinced that nothing will get this man down. While making a special cut for the roof of yet another unique bird house, Dave just happened to cut off most of his right index finger and into his thumb. A short trip to the ER, a very skilled surgeon, and a minimal time for recovery and Dave is back working in the shop again. His right hand almost looks just like it always had had only with three fingers.

In this time when it could be easy to complain about the economy, how age can sneak up on you and little by little take away some of your very basic faculties, Dave Miller just moves forward and makes the best of what the good Lord has not taken from him yet. He is an inspiration to us and all who know him.

For a special order birdhouse from Ole’ Dave’s Birdhouses call 801-937-4516

Thanks Park City! We hope to see you tomorrow at The Canyons Resort for the last market of July. We’re getting into a good time of the season, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables so come on out!  😀

#ParkCity #Farmers Market July 2011 @TheCanyons Resort #Utah

The Park City Farmer’s Market is held every Wednesday at The Canyons Resort from noon to 6pm (through October). Mark your calendars so you don’t miss a market!  😀

Park City Farmer’s and Doggie Market 7/13/11 #ParkCity #Utah

The sun was shining across beautiful blue skies and big white clouds in Park City today. The Farmer’s Market parking lot at The Canyons Resort filled up quick!  🙂

This week we’re saying hello to some of the furry friends at the Farmer’s Market -starting with this adorable face. Why so serious for the camera today?  😉

Aww, cute pup!

Guarding mommie’s tomatoes! 

Cute girl! 

Nice golden.  🙂

All smiles.  🙂

There’s some serious tongue action going on over hurrr’.   😀

Just a little camera shy. 🙂 

And last doggie pic this week, a cute lab in training. 

Go to http://www.guidedogs.com for more info. 

Say hi to Park City Day School! Enjoying the sun with some ice cream yum!  😀

Ooh, some fresh garlic is out. 🙂

Volker and good friend Dr. Lisa Ruskin.  🙂

Please support the “Together We Ice Cancer” Fundraiser Hockey Game. Saturday, August 6 at the PC Ice Arena from 8:30 to 10:00 pm. The teams featured in this contest will be The Flying Penguins & The Park City Ice Miners. The price of admission is $10, all of which is being donated to the Be The Match Foundation to grow the marrow registry. Come check out the Flying Penguins that were undefeated this year!  🙂

You also get one of those cool hats that says”Together We Ice Cancer”. If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the market today -we’ll have these hats available next week as well. 

Cherries are here! 

Tagge’s Famous Fruit.

You know you want some! 😀

Say hi to Bob and Heather from Morgan, Utah. They’re up here enjoying the sun and offering farm fresh eggs and lettuce. 

Day Farms cooling off.

Live music in the Beer Garden every Wednesday. 

Bees Knees Ice Cream always puts a smile. 

Smith Orchards is here with delicious cherries.

Peace! 🙂

Day Farms tomatoes took a little longer, but these are delicious outdoors -no greenhouse. 🙂

The only problem with these tomatoes -is you will want to eat them all at once.  😀

Fred Fred jammin’!!

Volker and his good friend Baxter and sons. 

Looking for some Gluten-Free?

Even the bikers couldn’t resist a stroll through the Park City Farmer’s Market this week.

Thanks again for coming out and supporting your local Farmer’s Market -we look forward to having you out again next week. Please make sure to tell your friends and family where all the goodies are at on Wednesdays!

Forks Over Knives Documentary Opens in #ParkCity #Utah

Hey Park City Farmer’s Market fans!

There is a new healthy food documentary that contacted us, Forks Over Knives, which opens this Friday, July 15th at Park City’s Holiday Village Cinema. Rip Esselstyn of Engine 2 Diet, Caldwell Esselstyn of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and T.Colin Campbell of the China Study are all featured in this film.

Whole Foods of Park City and Probar will help promote the movie in Park City.

A “must see” movie by both Dr. Oz and Roger Ebert and the film’s star doctors were on Dr. Oz’ show recently.

Thank you Park City -and we hope to see you all at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow at The Canyons Resort! Starts at NOON so don’t forget -and tell all your friends! And to the folks who had the winning ticket numbers from last week’s market -don’t forget to stop by and claim your prizes by 4pm! Thanks!

#ParkCity World Cup Dreams Foundation in Park City, Utah

Attention all Park City Farmer’s Market fans. Many of you don’t know me. My name is Carlos Gonzalez, and have been helping Volker with this website and his bakery website for some time now. Last Wednesday at the market while taking photos for this site, I met a young gentleman and athelete by the name of Mathew T. Lints of World Cup Dreams Foundation that we were very impressed with and Volker has sponsored several years. I told Mathew that I would try to help him through the market website.

Please take a look at the following that I received from Mathew:





And any Park City athletes out there, I’m sure you can appreciate the words from the athletes themselves, so I am going to copy and paste Mathew’s email for you to read right here:

July 6, 2011

Dear Carlos,

I hope this letter finds you well and as excited as I am about the coming of Summer. 2011 finds me ever committed to becoming a member of the U.S. Speed Skating Team and competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

My goal is to raise $30,000.00 for the 2011 season which starts April 15, 2011 and goes through March 21, 2012 with a three week rest period during March 22 through April 14, each year.

The funds I hope to raise will cover training costs, equipment, coaching and ice time at the Utah Olympic Oval, and other travel costs for the season. With your help, I have the chance to make the U.S. Team and representing our country in the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

I am currently working with a local non-profit, World Cup Dreams Foundation. The Foundation was started by former U.S. Ski Team members Erik Schlopy and Bryon Friedman. Erik and Bryon created the foundation 5 years ago with the goal of raising money to provide financial support and disability insurance to the top alpine skiers in the country. The foundation has provided over $250,000 in athlete grants.  Their foundation has reached out to offer support to me and I am proud to be a part of such an organization. Thanks to WCDF, I too am going to be able to focus on my “World Cup Dreams.”

I understand the magnitude of support and backing required for this undertaking, and I have not entered into this lightly. Recently, I made “B” level ice, which is just a step below World Cup athletes. I am 1.6 seconds away from tying the fastest time in the men’s 100 meter start for the men’s 500 meter all-out sprint race. I have worked hard to shave 10 seconds off of my 400 meter flying-lap time in just one season. I’ve been told this is relatively unheard of so I take that as a positive sign. On March 20-22, 2009, I competed in my first Americas Cup Speed Skating event hosted at the Utah Olympic Oval and shattered four personal records in the men’s 500m, 1,000m, and 1,500m races. I had the fortune of living in North Carolina, from July 22, 2010 until September 15, 2010, training one-on-one with Speed Skater Dan Jansen and USA Bobsled 1 Randy Will. Also, I was fortunate to have a meeting with Dr. Eric Heiden, 5-time speed skating Gold Medalist at the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games. Dr Heiden is willing to teach me the techniques and dry land methods that made him so successful.

I continue to improve, and I’m eager to raise the funds required to train at this level. That is why I’m asking for your help. Any amount of support to help me reach my goal is greatly appreciated. Please share this information with others you may know that would be able and willing to support my endeavors. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at any time. I appreciate the time you have taken to read this letter. Thank you for your consideration.


Mathew T. Lints
(435) 640-7120

World Cup Dreams Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax ID# 20-4647706. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Please make checks payable to: World Cup Dreams Foundation and indicate “Athlete: Mathew Lints” in the”Memo” portion of your check. Please send check to: World Cup Dreams Foundation, c/o Megan Kramer Executive Director, P.O. Box 684017, Park City, Utah 84068

#ParkCity #Utah Farmers Market 7/6/11 and Prize Drawing Announcement!

Thank you Park City for another fantastic Farmer’s Market -thank you for coming out and enjoying the market! Break out your tickets you received at the market today, we’re going to announce the prizes here, but first -a few photos from today’s market!  🙂

First of all, check out the most awesome shirt in the world by Don Harden. Amazing.

Say hello to Jackie Imdahl, owner of Scrumptious Suds, handcrafted bath and body products originating from Portland, Oregon. 

Say hi to Kristen Langelier of PashminaTrader.com. Kristen offers Cashmere and Pashmina wraps, shawls, scarves, and cool cover-ups. You can use them for anything that needs color, not just for clothing accessories.

The bike riders had the ride idea stopping at the farmer’s market!  😀

Say hello to Preston Purser of Limoncello Kitchen and their amazing and colorful display. They offer fresh and zesty kitchen soaps, lotion, and scent diffusers.

Got BBQ? Spencer’s Smoking Grill does -catch them right in the Beer Garden every Wednesday through the end of October right here!

WARNING to ALL future farmer’s market visitors and loving moms:  -you cannot bring the cutest twin babies wearing RED to the market and stand in front of a tomato farmer without getting your pictures taken! 😀

Some really cool women’s clothing and accessories from the folks at Krochett. You can reach them at 801-560-2925.

If you didn’t make it this week, make sure to stop by next Wednesday at The Canyons Resort for some live music and great weather during lunch.  🙂

As if you needed more reasons to make it out to your Farmer’s Market. You’ll also find the cutest puppies in town roaming around. 😀

Fred Fred jammin’! 😀

V-Man and his buddy Ken.

Ooh -is that a burning man tye dye? 😉

Ok,now for this week’s final treat. This week the market collected a nice gift basket from all the farmer’s and gave a Blue Raffle ticket to everyone that showed up. We are actually giving out THREE prizes, so pull out those tickets right now and see if you won:

1st Prize -Gift Basket – Ticket #539509  ( if no show on first ticket 2 ticket #540052     and third ticket #492570 )

2nd Prize – 3 loafs of bread #492556 ( if no show 2  #540105 and third #540022 )

3rd Prize – 1 pizza from volkers pizza #540069  ( if no show  2  #539751 and  third #539476 )

To Claim Your Prize -Winners must show up to the market next Wednesday 7/13/11 with your winning ticket NLT than 4pm. If by 4pm the winners have not claimed their prizes and are no shows, then the runners up 2 and 3 you see will be awarded in that order -so make sure you show up to claim your prize before 4pm! 😀

Thanks again for coming out and supporting your local Utah farmer’s and market vendors. Remember, if you’re on your way out of town and you see the big green truck parked off the road –THE PARK CITY FARMER’S MARKET IS GOING AT THE CANYONS!!! 😀

#ParkCity #Utah Farmers Market 6/29 New Pics

One month down (June) FOUR more wonderful months of fresh local Park City Farmer’s Markets to go!

June’s final market brought some Utah fresh radishes -looks good! 🙂

All smiles from locals offering cool Ribbon Hair Barrets. 

Amazing Utah farmer George and his fantastic Basil & Produce. You can contact George at 801-261-4855

George’s Basil is looking very alive and fresh. 

All you get from this new vendor are some pics of the products, he was too busy selling this awesome chocolate! Guess you’ll just have to come out next Wednesday and find out the scoop for yourself.  😉

Oh, and the sign says it all from this chocolate vendor. 😀

More delicious reasons to visit your local farmers market!

Dave and Laura from the Local Grind wanted everyone to know they sell more than coffee. 🙂

They also offer fresh baked goods.  🙂

Ranui Gardens owner Sue and her colorful produce.

Make sure to find Sue if you’re looking for some color in your home.  🙂  

Fresh lettuce mix from Ranui Gardens as well.

If they look this good through a phone camera -you should stop by and see them in person next Wednesday. 

Fresh Utah Strawberries from Weeks Berries of Paradise. 

New vendor Millcreek Olive Oil and plenty of great samples to try out. 

Nothing but happy dogs at the farmer’s markets.

That’s a cool cowboy from R.C. Ornamental! 

Tagge’s Famous Fruit Stands.

Volker’s Bakery Bread Crew staying busy. 

All smiles from Jimmy Crack Corn crew serving it up a la’ South of the Border style -woohoo! 😀

Shoot, will have to update this post soon I can’t find the paper with their names, but this local couple offer beatiful rare stones and handmade jewelry.

All Smiles from Rico’s local Mexican specialties (from Salt Lake now) have a presence at the Park City market. You can also find their items at the Park City Market grocery store as well. 

Volker’s Pizza Crew.  🙂

Mr. Rich Wyman and Mr. Fred Fred providing ear candy for the farmer’s market fans. 

Rich diggin’ into that keyboard Live! 

The Beer Garden is a hit -is that local Parkite Ira Sachs enjoying the outdoor weather? 😉

Park City Yoga Studio’s Lisa Needham and hubbie Rich Wyman taking a break with the hardest working Farmer’s man this side of the Rocky Mountains.Join us next Wednesday, July 6th at The Canyons Resort for the first 2011 July Summer Market. Make sure to tell all your friends and family to come out and enjoy the summer weather. Vendors if you see your pics and want to add more info like website links etc. -please add them as a comment and we will update your photos! Thanks!!! 😀