Park City Farmer’s Market Ice’s Cancer with Hockey!

Hey Park City!

Tomorrow is the LAST Farmer’s Market day for the month of August, make sure to stop by and stock up on fresh local goodies! Check out the rest of this website update, we have some good info to share!

Thank you for all your support with our Ice Cancer with Hockey Fundraiser Hockey Game. We were able to raise a lot of money for the Be The Match Donor Registry, and we are excited to sponsor the fundraiser again next year for Dr. Lisa! We received great support from the local community -thank you for coming out!

In addition, Park City’s own pro skier and videographer, Ian Provo, filmed an awesome video of the Hockey Game for us to share on YouTube! Check out the Undefeated Volker’s Flying Penguins facing off against the Park City Miners!

We hoped you liked the video, but don’t go away just yet, we have some exciting new vendors to tell you about.

First on our list, is Jenson Farm Sweet Corn & Produce. Please remember that these are one of our only GMO-FREE corn. We encourage you to learn about the dangers of GMO’s, and support our farmer’s like Jenson Farm who go out of their way to make sure their food is 100% Natural, with NO Sprays or Pesticides used ever in  the entire growing process. Don’t be fooled by farmers who tell you they need to spray, if they researched real farming techniques like Jenson Farm does -they would figure out that they don’t have to spray as well.

A little late because they were busy setting up their awesome new market trailer, but The Flying Fish of Utah is back and ready to offer you the freshest sustainable seafood products!

Here is a list of their current menu.

Stop by and say hello to new vendor, Kathy Cartier, who hand makes some very attractive pieces. You will not find any nicer gift cards anywhere else in town!

Kathy makes some very cool pillow covers!

Next on our list of TOTALLY AWESOME FARMERS is The Garden of Stephen. Stephen is an all natural farmer that uses 100% organic methods, and does not use ANY pesticide sprays whatsoever in any of his plants.

Stephen grows delicious heirloom watermelons that you won’t find anywhere else in the state!

So how do NO SPRAY farmer’s avoid damage from certain bugs and insects that other farmer’s would spray pesticides for? Simple, we actually visited The Garden of Stephen in Salt Lake to see how. Organic farmers have figured out that you can plant certain types of flowers within their fields to ward off bugs. This specific yellow flower you see below does the same job that those toxic pesticides do!!!

And don’t believe any farmer that will tell you they get a higher yield when they spray their tomatoes with poison. These are pictures from Stephen’s NO SPRAY farms, as you can see the tomato yields are incredible with all natural methods. We visited tomato farms that very same day that do spray, and the yields, even though were healthy -did not look anything like Stephen’s you see below.

The Park City Farmer’s Market also took a tour at Smith’s Orchards in Provo. We’ll get you some more info on Smith Orchards soon, but the tour was incredible. Smith Orchards, by far, has the very best Peach Farm setup in the entire state of Utah. More info on Smith Orchards coming soon, but in the meantime, you MUST try these amazing peaches.

Thanks for checking us out Park City, don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the Park City Farmer’s Market -tomorrow from noon to 6pm at The Canyons Resort!


Park City Farmer’s Market is cruzin’ thru August!

Hey Park City Farmer’s Market fans!

Did you know that we have 5 Farmer’s Markets in the month of August? Well get ready for the second market of the month -starts today at noon. This week’s update, we have some cool vendors and pics to share:

Meet Julie Malecki, she is at the market on Wednesdays raising awareness to the dangers of drugs and certain vaccines being given to our children. She has a DVD entitled “dead wrong” that she is offering to the local community for anyone that wants to learn more, and you can the movie for free from Julie.

Farm fresh goodies!

New vendors at the market -the Hot Box.

Meet the nice ladies from Cheese Bread Mania -gluten free products. 

Doggies enjoying the market stroll.

Canyons Moose spotted in Park City!

Tibetan Monks spreading awareness on tour.

Volker and NO SPRAY Marvin.  🙂

Flying Penguins and Miners raising money for a good cause!

Hula hoops!

Great prices on fresh local produce.

The Goldens enjoying the market stroll.

Solar Powered address signs and more.

Meet Allison and Andrew from Yee-Haw Pickles.

Meet Patric Bates and his cool art.

Wow, 3 bowls to choose from!  😀

Meet Fred and his cool copper pieces.

Check out the cool pieces from South Pacific Island Art.

Say hello to Jean and her original tile art.

Check out the yummy peanut brittle! 🙂

No antibiotic, no hormones, no animal by-products beef is available at the market.

Also, all natural hormone free lamb is available at the market.

If you spot a cool custom doggie collar with the powder-coated blue rings around town… you know where to get them!  🙂

Thank you Park City! Don’t forget to come out today, and stock up on fresh local goodies!

Tibetan Monks and Fire Dancers at Park City Farmer’s Market!

Excited for another Farmer’s Market tomorrow? We are! This week we have some cool visitors at the market! Six Tibetan monks authorized by the Dalai Lama and sent to do service will conduct healings, dance, musical performances and blessings in Park City, UT the first week of August.  They come to perform selfless service, spread harmony and compassion through cultural exchange, interfaith dialog and Buddhist teachings. They will be at the Park City Farmer’s Market tomorrow from 12:00 – 4:00pm! 😀 The monks are here all week, and there are many cool events you can go to this week, Check out their full schedule on their website link:

In addition to LIVE MUSIC, great local vendors, and the freshest UTAH Farmer’s Produce – this week we will also have performing Hula Hoop girls and Fire Dancers!

Please do not forget about our ICE CANCER WITH HOCKEY Game at the Park City Ice Arena this Saturday! You can let us know that you are coming here!

At tomorrow’s market, you can also purchase a “Together We Ice Cancer” ballcap for $10! One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the Cancer Fundraiser for Dr. Lisa!

Also, the folks from OCTHEORY.ORG will be at the market, they are a 501(C)(3) think-tank organization that help projects for social good get started.

Thanks Park City! Please share this post with your friends and family on Facebook! We hope to see you tomorrow at The Canyons in Park City!  😀