Have you tried Acupuncture in Park City, Utah?

This information on Acupuncture comes to you from Mar, professional Acupuncturist at Align Spa, Park City, Utah. šŸ™‚

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You’ve probably heard about acupuncture, know someone who has been treated with acupuncture -or haveĀ tried it yourself. Acupuncture as an “alternative” medicine has become more popular and mainstream inĀ the U.S.Ā  Not only has acupuncture been found to help chronic and acute pain conditions, but it has alsoĀ been used to treat a whole host of illnesses. Everything from digestive problems,Ā neurological issues,Ā respiratory challengesĀ and GYN disordersĀ and the list goes on and on.Ā Acupuncture is alsoĀ being used inĀ many hospitals as a complementary treatment for people undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.Ā  AndĀ even though acupuncture is one of the oldest and most enduring forms of medicine in the world, we hereĀ in the Western world are still boggled by the idea that a bunch of needles placed in various locationsĀ throughĀ the body are going to cause any effect except to cause pain. I mean they are needles, pointyĀ things going into the skin…Ouch! And that’s supposed to make us feel better?

Acupuncture in Park City, Utah

Strangely enough the answer is a resounding, YES!

First off, most people who have experienced acupuncture will tell you the needles rarely hurt.Ā  SometimesĀ it may feel like a light pinch that quickly goes away.Ā  I’ve had several patients fall asleep while I’m puttingĀ the needles in.Ā  At Align Spa, I use thin, one time use, disposableĀ sterileĀ needles.Ā For those of you that areĀ still needle phobic, there are many other techniques and methods we can use to treat you that don’tĀ involve needles. (Please go to our website atĀ alignspa.comĀ and click on Acupuncture and Your TreatmentĀ to find out more information.)


From a Chinese medicine perspective, the needles are placed in specific locations, based on the diagnosis.Ā These points are used to help restore balance in the body, allowing blood and qi (vital energy) to flow,Ā reestablishing health and wellness. Simply put, if you are experiencing physical orĀ emotionalĀ pain, thenĀ the flow of qi and or blood is not flowing freely throughout your body.Ā  You may be experiencingĀ tiredness, depression, feeling like you are stuck and unable to get motivated.Ā  Oftentimes, that may stemĀ from a lack of qi and blood and like a pond without fresh moving water, it stagnates.Ā  Or perhaps you’veĀ had a skiing accident, hurting your knee, causing a blockage that collects too much qi and blood in oneĀ place increasing your pain andĀ slowing the healing process.Ā  Like an overflowing dam, letting go ofĀ aĀ little water can helpĀ release the pressure.

But what if youā€™re basically feeling good, eating well, exercising, meditating, should you be gettingĀ acupuncture?Ā I mean how often do you go to your medical doctor and say, “hey, I’m feeling great, is thereĀ anything else I can do to keep feeling this way?” Ā Generally, preventative medicineĀ is not the strong suitĀ of the American Medical Association.Ā  Acupuncture is a great treatment to help ensure the continued freeĀ flow of qi and blood and assisting in keeping a physical and emotional balance. Stressors, can impedeĀ your bodyā€™s natural balance and eventually lead to illness that can’t immediately be detected. So, gettingĀ acupuncture every once in a while may help maintain your healthy balance.

So whether youā€™re healthy, had an accident or have a chronic condition, acupuncture can help toĀ encourage the healthy flow of qi and blood. If you are interested in learning more about acupuncture andĀ alternative treatments, includingĀ Western Medicine theories as to why acupuncture is so effective, pleaseĀ visit our website atĀ alignspa.com.

Providing quality acupuncture care is just one of the many reasons Align SpaĀ wasĀ voted 2015’s #1Ā spa inĀ Park City.Ā  Stop by or visit our website to see all the services we provide. Thank you and we hope you’re all enjoying the amazing snow this year! ā¤


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