Park City 2022 Applications Ready – Volt Inu Official Sponsor

Good morning Park City!

We hope everyone is enjoying the 2022 ski season. We’re gearing up for another amazing Farmer’s Market season on our end. Vendor Applications for the 2022 season are ready, please send them in to secure your placement at the market this year. We look forward to seeing you all at our grand opening on May 11, 2022!

This year, we have something the market has never had before -an OFFICIAL SPONSOR! The market has always been dog-friendly, but now we have an official mascot! -Say hello to “Volt Inu”, our 2022 Official Sponsor. Volt Inu is a new cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Blockchain. If you are into cryptos please check them out, the website is VOLTINU.IN. *This is not financial advice. Volt Inu is a cryptocurrency. Please do your own research before investing into anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

Volt Inu – Official Sponsor of the Park City, Utah 2022 Farmer’s Market.