KEEP CALM Park City, Utah Farmer’s Market is TODAY

Hey Park City, don’t forget TODAY is Farmer’s Market day, we’re open till 6pm but don’t waste another minute to get here! You don’t want to miss all the awesome local goods Utah has to offer, stop by the Canyons Resort parking lot and stock up on your weekly supply! Hang out, grab some lunch, and check out all your Utah local vendors! ❤ See you there!

Keep Calm and go to the Farmers Market



Don’t Miss the Park City, Utah Farmer’s Market!

The 2014 Park City Farmer’s Market is officially up and running. If you haven’t made it out already, please make it a plan to come out this Wednesday and enjoy everything your local community has to offer.

There are plenty of local farmers out with locally grown veggies and fruits, delicious Artisan Baked Breads from Volker’s (our market owner and manager), hand crafted jewelry and unique gifts, and also our famous beer garden with local food vendors.

Park City Farmers Market 2014Park City Farmer's Market 2014 Park City Farmer's Market 2014 Park City Farmer's Market 2014



2012 Park City Farmer’s Market Opens Wednesday June 6th! At @TheCanyons Resort!

The winter season is winding down in Park City, Utah -which means… the PARK CITY FARMER’S MARKET is right around the corner!

This year we open on Wednesday June 6th at The Canyon’s Resort parking lot FROM 12-6PM. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!

Park City Farmer’s Market is cruzin’ thru August!

Hey Park City Farmer’s Market fans!

Did you know that we have 5 Farmer’s Markets in the month of August? Well get ready for the second market of the month -starts today at noon. This week’s update, we have some cool vendors and pics to share:

Meet Julie Malecki, she is at the market on Wednesdays raising awareness to the dangers of drugs and certain vaccines being given to our children. She has a DVD entitled “dead wrong” that she is offering to the local community for anyone that wants to learn more, and you can the movie for free from Julie.

Farm fresh goodies!

New vendors at the market -the Hot Box.

Meet the nice ladies from Cheese Bread Mania -gluten free products. 

Doggies enjoying the market stroll.

Canyons Moose spotted in Park City!

Tibetan Monks spreading awareness on tour.

Volker and NO SPRAY Marvin.  🙂

Flying Penguins and Miners raising money for a good cause!

Hula hoops!

Great prices on fresh local produce.

The Goldens enjoying the market stroll.

Solar Powered address signs and more.

Meet Allison and Andrew from Yee-Haw Pickles.

Meet Patric Bates and his cool art.

Wow, 3 bowls to choose from!  😀

Meet Fred and his cool copper pieces.

Check out the cool pieces from South Pacific Island Art.

Say hello to Jean and her original tile art.

Check out the yummy peanut brittle! 🙂

No antibiotic, no hormones, no animal by-products beef is available at the market.

Also, all natural hormone free lamb is available at the market.

If you spot a cool custom doggie collar with the powder-coated blue rings around town… you know where to get them!  🙂

Thank you Park City! Don’t forget to come out today, and stock up on fresh local goodies!

#ParkCity Farmer’s Market Says NO to GMO! NO to @MonsantoCo!

Attention Park City Farmer’s Market patrons, Farmer’s Market vendors, and especially Farmer’s Market FARMER’S and FOOD Vendors.

We can no longer ignore the world we have created for our children. Our ignorance is destroying our planet at an alarming rate. We at the Farmer’s Market have always tried to bring you great product -and we pass all our State inspections with flying colors. However, Volker and the Park City Farmer’s Market Team and Staff is making a renewed dedication to YOU and OUR WORLD to go above and beyond what any government regulation would ever require. We want the PARK CITY Farmer’s Market to be the example of all other Farmer’s Markets in the world.

This is what the Park City Farmer’s Market believes and wants to inspire in others locally to spread amongst their friends:

  • We do not believe in GMO or any product produced with a Monsanto Brand Seed or Monsanto Anything. If you are using GMO products of any kind, please contact Volker as soon as possible.  We will help you convert to organic or no spray non-gmo product and pay the difference in your cost. We will even help you grow pesticide-free product if it is not available in Utah.

  • We do not believe in spraying PESTICIDES on ANY plants or food, especially those that will later be consumed by human beings. Farmer’s that do so are GUILTY of polluting our waters and destruction of our bee and much needed insect population. If bees were to die off, which they are dying rapidly already -scientist say ALL human food in the world would disappear in less than 4 years. We will be interviewing our Farmer’s that claim “No Pesticides Spray” -WE WANT TO PROMOTE YOU MORE!  As a “thank you” for protecting our environment -All Farmer’s who have produce in the 2012 Farmer’s Market that uses no Pesticides will get preferential booth placement at the Farmer’s Market along our new “No Spray” zone.  
  • We are a Utah Farmer’s Market, therefore we want to sell UTAH Produce. We do not believe in shipping our produce in from outside of UTAH. California produce should be sold in California. Mexico tomatoes should be sold in Mexico. It’s not that we are against the product -we are against the oil and fuel burned for those products to get here such long distances.

Farmers and Vendors we need your help!

If you use organic methods for your products and would like to share your story -please contact the market so we can make you a guest blogger on our site!


Please share this information with your friends. Also, we are very much in need of a Vegetarian Option Food Vendor, or anyone that has a ready food business that is veggie or vegan option. Please contact the market asap if you are intersted at


Please Help Us Spread the Word. Watch And Share These Important Videos!

Park City Farmer’s and Doggie Market 7/13/11 #ParkCity #Utah

The sun was shining across beautiful blue skies and big white clouds in Park City today. The Farmer’s Market parking lot at The Canyons Resort filled up quick!  🙂

This week we’re saying hello to some of the furry friends at the Farmer’s Market -starting with this adorable face. Why so serious for the camera today?  😉

Aww, cute pup!

Guarding mommie’s tomatoes! 

Cute girl! 

Nice golden.  🙂

All smiles.  🙂

There’s some serious tongue action going on over hurrr’.   😀

Just a little camera shy. 🙂 

And last doggie pic this week, a cute lab in training. 

Go to for more info. 

Say hi to Park City Day School! Enjoying the sun with some ice cream yum!  😀

Ooh, some fresh garlic is out. 🙂

Volker and good friend Dr. Lisa Ruskin.  🙂

Please support the “Together We Ice Cancer” Fundraiser Hockey Game. Saturday, August 6 at the PC Ice Arena from 8:30 to 10:00 pm. The teams featured in this contest will be The Flying Penguins & The Park City Ice Miners. The price of admission is $10, all of which is being donated to the Be The Match Foundation to grow the marrow registry. Come check out the Flying Penguins that were undefeated this year!  🙂

You also get one of those cool hats that says”Together We Ice Cancer”. If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the market today -we’ll have these hats available next week as well. 

Cherries are here! 

Tagge’s Famous Fruit.

You know you want some! 😀

Say hi to Bob and Heather from Morgan, Utah. They’re up here enjoying the sun and offering farm fresh eggs and lettuce. 

Day Farms cooling off.

Live music in the Beer Garden every Wednesday. 

Bees Knees Ice Cream always puts a smile. 

Smith Orchards is here with delicious cherries.

Peace! 🙂

Day Farms tomatoes took a little longer, but these are delicious outdoors -no greenhouse. 🙂

The only problem with these tomatoes -is you will want to eat them all at once.  😀

Fred Fred jammin’!!

Volker and his good friend Baxter and sons. 

Looking for some Gluten-Free?

Even the bikers couldn’t resist a stroll through the Park City Farmer’s Market this week.

Thanks again for coming out and supporting your local Farmer’s Market -we look forward to having you out again next week. Please make sure to tell your friends and family where all the goodies are at on Wednesdays!

Park City Farmer’s Market 2011 Opening Day!

The 2011 Park City Farmer’s Market season kicked off today at The Canyons Resort, with a full line-up of local Utah vendors and farmers offering their goods for sale. There was a great turn out for opening day -thank you Park City for all your support. Please continue to support the market this season, the farmers are a little behind schedule due to the weather, but there is plenty of good stuff already available.  🙂

If you see a giant green van on your way out of town on Wednesdays, it means turn left at the next light!  🙂

Rose Kaszuba, Pastry Chef and owner of Silver Rose Bakery is back in Park City after a season in California! 🙂

Weeks Berries of Paradise has returned to the market this year to offer their super high antioxidant currants, syrups, jams, and jellies. Check back soon for fresh raspberries!

Lee, owner of Knight Family Honey with delicious raw Utah honey. 

And don’t forget their delicious Honey Butter!

Knight Family Honey is offering a very nice ‘Bee Garden’ seed package with planting guide. 🙂

Volker’s Bakery offering a fantastic selection of european-style artisan breads.

And desserts/pastries. 🙂

Locals checking out the different types of breads. 

Chad sells local farm fresh eggs. These are well over a month fresher than anything you will find at the grocery store. The big ones are Turkey eggs. You can also find ‘no spray’ Walnuts for sale at Chad’s booth. 

Utah farmer Chad from Chad’s Produce. 

These are flowers and tomatoes from a new vendor from Brigham City -Anabele’s Produce. You can also find Anabele on Saturdays in the Salt Lake City Farmers Market. Check back soon for future harvest offerings of peaches, berries, and cherries. In two weeks they’ll have fresh onions and peas. 

Clothing vendors. 

Say hello to new vendors at the Park City Farmer’s Market this year -Dave & Mary Udy from Grandma Sandino’s Sicilian Sauce “You’ll Love It or Else…”

Had the chance to taste this delicious garlic sauce. 🙂

Happy Monkey Hummus! 🙂

Becky O’Keefe from Twisted Spiders. 🙂

Carl is promoting and raising money for his idea of “Mogul Snowboarding” -check out his website for more info at

These vibrant and colorful pieces of jewelry are from The Original Way, handmade with natural stones by David Montanaro. Candles by his wife Sheila Montanaro. Paintings coming soon! 

This young man was assisting the boothe of Khan Curry House. This company also offers catering, take out and delivery service in Salt Lake City. 

Sugar Bear Kettlekorn and Fresh Roasted Nuts is back! 🙂

As well as Jason and your favorite roasted corn in Park City! 🙂

Locals enjoying the spring weather. 

Wild Willow Natural Artisan Soaps and Body Care Products by Lori Beiler. 

Thanks again for coming out to the Park City Farmer’s Market today -your local Utah farmers appreciate it! Also thanks to Randy Barton at KPCW for talking about the season opening on his show!

Please help us and continue to spread the word amongst your friends about our market every Wednesday 12pm-6pm at The Canyons Resort -each week we will have more and more vendors with produce. Also, please bookmark this site and check back often, we will be updating the site each week with info on all the vendors until we have every single one on the website.

See you next Wednesday at The Canyons! 😀

Welcome to the Park City Farmer’s Market!

The Park City Farmer’s Market is held every Wednesday at The Canyons Resort Parking Lot from 12pm-6pm. Stop by and relax at the local market! We offer a wide variety of the freshest local produce, fruits, greens, fish, grass fed beef, local cheeses, bakeries, gifts, and much much more!