2014 Park City Farmer’s Market Sponsors

Attention Park City, we are now accepting 2014 market season sponsors. Take advantage of our targeted local traffic and support your local farmers/vendors in the process. Our sponsorships are the most affordable of it’s kind in Park City and will benefit your own business with targeted local awareness and exposure. Contact PARKCITYFARMERSMARKET@GMAIL.COM to begin the application process, and check our sponsorship link for more info:聽https://parkcityfarmersmarket.com/marketsponsor

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Farmer’s Market September 18, 2013!

Happy Hump day! More importantly, happy Farmer’s Market day at The Canyons Resort! Don’t forget to swing by, we are open until 6pm for all your local fresh veggies, fruits, local food and gift vendors! See you there! 馃榾

Farmers Market at The Canyons Resort

got boysenberries? Get them today! #parkcity #utah #farmers

Got boysenberries? Head down to the Park City Farmer’s Market TODAY from noon till 6pm at The Canyons Resort for best selection of Utah’s finest grown foods. We offer the very best organic, no spray, NON GMO food you can find in this wonderful State!

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Park City Farmer’s Market Best Local Utah Produce

The Park City Farmer’s Market is in full swing. This is the best time of the year to come out and enjoy the fresh local produce from the efforts of your local Utah Farmers. The Park City Farmer’s Market is making a strong effort to support our local and non-GMO Farmer’s, using all organic and no pesticide spray methods. Please come out and enjoy the market today and invite your friends/family.

Park City Farmer's Market every Wednesday at The Canyons Resort

Vegan in Park City, Utah?

Where are the Healthy & Conscious SuperFoods in Park City, Utah?

So you’re visiting Park City this Summer and you’ve been on a recent health kick. You’ve been juicing veggies and fruits, tried several raw food places, given up eating meats, and even doing some Yoga. You’re thinking ‘ski resort town in the mountains, hiking, biking etc.’ -there must be dozens of healthy conscious places to eat right? Wrong!

Welcome to Park City, Utah. Training ground to many of the world’s top athletes. Unfortunately, when it comes to healthy conscious eating, Park City’s vast array of fine dining lacks heavy. As popular as Vegan places are elsewhere in the country, there still isn’t a single Vegan restaurant on Main St in Park City. Also, there currently aren’t any restaurants in the local area that promote a non-GMO (genetically modified) food menu (if you know of one or one opening soon -please let us know). We often receive messages to our website from people looking for vegan options in Park City, so we thought we’d make this post just for all you health conscious folks visiting Park City this year.

Hello I'm Vegan

The problem with being Vegan, is that most restaurants don’t understand. They think they can add something to their menu ‘without meat’ and all will be happy. It doesn’t work that way. Most Vegans have made their lifestyle choice for more than just the food itself, they are interested in a better world that doesn’t create unnecessary suffering to all animals. Therefore, many Vegans would rather cook at home, than support a restaurant which is ‘Vegan-friendly’. To a Vegan -a truly ‘Vegan-friendly’ place means they do not serve any dishes with animals on their entire menu. Vegans do not like the thought of their dollars supporting restaurants that also serve meat dishes, and have real concerns regarding cross contamination with the utensils used to prepare their food.

If you’re wanting to eat a non-GMO, 100% Organic, Vegan meal in Park City, you are more than likely purchasing your ingredients from us at the Farmer’s Market each week and preparing them at home! However, if you want to keep your trip as a ‘vacation’ and not have to do the work, there is a great local option. We would recommend hiring Park City’s most health conscious chef, Chef Jason of Park City Medical Center:



If hiring a private chef is too much for you, not to worry, there are a couple places in Park City that serve great Vegan options and juice bars:

1. Fairweather Natural FoodsFAIRWEATHER NATURAL FOODS

Fairweather Natural Foods is Park City鈥檚 only locally owned natural food market and caf茅!聽Fresh pressed organic juices and fruit smoothies are made to order in the caf茅.聽The store also offers an array of organic, vegan and select gluten-free baked goods, as well as sandwiches, salads, and vegan soups, made fresh daily.

2. Booster Juice Park City


Booster Juice is Park City’s juice and smoothie bar dedicated to providing you the premium smoothie experience. A healthy alternative to fast food! Ask them about their wheatgrass shot specials.

What are your healthy choices for eating locally in Park City? Know of any other Vegan choices we can add to this list? If you hear of something new, please let us know so we can tell the Park City Farmer’s Market community. Thank you and happy eating! 聽馃檪