Time to start your Organic Heirloom Gardens! #Utah

Hello market fans!

We hope you are excited for our 2013 NON-GMO season coming soon. Our first day of the season will be Wednesday June 5th from noon till 6pm. Hope to see you there.

In the meantime, if you are looking to start a wonderful garden this year, then please consider Organic Heirloom seeds from our friends at Kenyon Organics.

Salt Lake City Organic Heirloom Seeds

Thank you and look forward to seeing you all this year!

~ The Park City Farmer’s Market team


Ole’ Dave’s Birdhouses – #ParkCity Farmer’s Market @TheCanyons

Hello Park City! We hope you have had a great week of Summer weather and July fireworks.

This week, we are updating the website with information on one of our new vendors. Park City, please meet Mr. Dave Miller, of Ole’ Dave’s Birdhouses.

Ole’ Dave make incredible birdhouses by hand. I took the liberty to upload the text from his booth flyer -here goes:

Dave Miller, born in Colorad Springs has always been creating and fixing things. During World War II he was fixing our Aircraft on Naval Ships. Shortly after the war he started creating and building homes, offices, schools and hotels. Dave does not believe in wasting any resource. He has always found a use for what was left over and sending it to a land fill was not an option. He may be one of our earlier champions for creating a “green” world.

After spending 40 years as a Superintendent for Culp Construction Company in Salt Lake City Dave retired in 1986. While their health prevailed Dave and his wife Cathryn traveled across the country enjoying the vast natural wonders of our beautiful contintent win their motor home. When Cathryn’s health declined and was eventually homebound Dave took on the role for caregiver.  As caregiver for his wife and sweetheart of 64 years he also spent more time back in his work shop. This shop had been the birth place of one of a kind motorized bikes to parquet doors and paneling and beautiful log cabin birdhouses.

In recent years his eyes became the victim of macular degeneration, a disease that eventually blocks the complete central vision of ones eyesight, leaving only very little peripheral vision. Dave and others with this advance stage of macular degeneration are considered legally blind, unable to drive and read but with good habits and organization can function in their home environment on their own. This past year Dave said a temporary good bye to his wife and after laying her to her rest found he had more time to spend in his workshop. Using materials from his shop he started building bird houses, beautifully constructed log cabin style birdhouses. He used his creations as thank you gifts for those who would drop by with a batch of cookies. His children who recognize the value of his work want to give additional purpose to this labor of love and creative energy and that is the beginning of Ole’ Dave’s Birdhouses.

The housing for Dave’s foul friends should provide upscale living for them and add charm and decor for anyone who is lucky enough to purchase one of Ole’ Dave’s bird houses.

Dave has also created a variety of jewelry boxes that are again one of a kind. He takes special care at honoring the owners of some of these treasures with their name cut out of wood and adorning the front of the chest.

Earlier this year around the first week in February we became convinced that nothing will get this man down. While making a special cut for the roof of yet another unique bird house, Dave just happened to cut off most of his right index finger and into his thumb. A short trip to the ER, a very skilled surgeon, and a minimal time for recovery and Dave is back working in the shop again. His right hand almost looks just like it always had had only with three fingers.

In this time when it could be easy to complain about the economy, how age can sneak up on you and little by little take away some of your very basic faculties, Dave Miller just moves forward and makes the best of what the good Lord has not taken from him yet. He is an inspiration to us and all who know him.

For a special order birdhouse from Ole’ Dave’s Birdhouses call 801-937-4516

Thanks Park City! We hope to see you tomorrow at The Canyons Resort for the last market of July. We’re getting into a good time of the season, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables so come on out!  😀

#ParkCity #Utah Farmers Market 6/29 New Pics

One month down (June) FOUR more wonderful months of fresh local Park City Farmer’s Markets to go!

June’s final market brought some Utah fresh radishes -looks good! 🙂

All smiles from locals offering cool Ribbon Hair Barrets. 

Amazing Utah farmer George and his fantastic Basil & Produce. You can contact George at 801-261-4855

George’s Basil is looking very alive and fresh. 

All you get from this new vendor are some pics of the products, he was too busy selling this awesome chocolate! Guess you’ll just have to come out next Wednesday and find out the scoop for yourself.  😉

Oh, and the sign says it all from this chocolate vendor. 😀

More delicious reasons to visit your local farmers market!

Dave and Laura from the Local Grind wanted everyone to know they sell more than coffee. 🙂

They also offer fresh baked goods.  🙂

Ranui Gardens owner Sue and her colorful produce.

Make sure to find Sue if you’re looking for some color in your home.  🙂  

Fresh lettuce mix from Ranui Gardens as well.

If they look this good through a phone camera -you should stop by and see them in person next Wednesday. 

Fresh Utah Strawberries from Weeks Berries of Paradise. 

New vendor Millcreek Olive Oil and plenty of great samples to try out. 

Nothing but happy dogs at the farmer’s markets.

That’s a cool cowboy from R.C. Ornamental! 

Tagge’s Famous Fruit Stands.

Volker’s Bakery Bread Crew staying busy. 

All smiles from Jimmy Crack Corn crew serving it up a la’ South of the Border style -woohoo! 😀

Shoot, will have to update this post soon I can’t find the paper with their names, but this local couple offer beatiful rare stones and handmade jewelry.

All Smiles from Rico’s local Mexican specialties (from Salt Lake now) have a presence at the Park City market. You can also find their items at the Park City Market grocery store as well. 

Volker’s Pizza Crew.  🙂

Mr. Rich Wyman and Mr. Fred Fred providing ear candy for the farmer’s market fans. 

Rich diggin’ into that keyboard Live! 

The Beer Garden is a hit -is that local Parkite Ira Sachs enjoying the outdoor weather? 😉

Park City Yoga Studio’s Lisa Needham and hubbie Rich Wyman taking a break with the hardest working Farmer’s man this side of the Rocky Mountains.Join us next Wednesday, July 6th at The Canyons Resort for the first 2011 July Summer Market. Make sure to tell all your friends and family to come out and enjoy the summer weather. Vendors if you see your pics and want to add more info like website links etc. -please add them as a comment and we will update your photos! Thanks!!! 😀