Park City Farmer’s Market Announcement

Good afternoon Parkites,

Thank You All for another Amazing Season at the Park City Farmer’s Market. This was a great year for us. We were able to open early -and finish the season late, maximizing our weeks available to the community. Thank you to all our vendors and staff. We look forward to serving you next season.

Speaking of next season, we wanted to take this moment to announce and say thank you to ‘VOLT INU‘ *cryptocurrency, who has just recently again become our OFFICIAL SPONSOR for the 2023 Season! $VOLT has made a name for itself this past year, from being ranked in the thousands -to it’s current #324 of all cryptos and climbing. With the team’s eyes set on becoming a Top 10 Crypto this year, the future seems bright for this new crypto. Soon to be Released will be a Deflationary new DEX, keep an eye out for ‘VOLTICHANGE’ coming soon.

We are currently designing our Shopping Bags for next year, and for local business to have a spot on them is very affordable. Please email TODAY if you would like your business to be on there. Space is limited, so don’t wait too long to let us know. Thank you Park City, have a great Winter Season and See You Soon!

* $Volt Inu Cryptocurrency is our Official Sponsor of the 2023 Park City Farmer’s Market. This is not, however, financial advice or a recommendation to purchase any cryptocurrencies. While they may sometimes be very profitable, they are also volatile and risky, so please always do your own research and never invest anything in crypto that you cannot afford to lose.